15 Juli 2015

see you.. Yogyakarta!

 for the first time I left Yogyakarta, to allow time I will not go back there again.
leaving all the memories for 6 year stay there. friends, my sweet room, comfort, tranquility, memory, singing.
I loved the city, many things make me an adult. I thought I could move, but it was difficult to move on from that city. a city so much laughter, tears, joy, and happiness. 
 i love you so much. 
i love you.

Welcome Jakarta!

07 Juli 2014


Hello Everybody, miss you for a long time.

Welcome to soundcloud !
follow and enjoy :)

20 April 2014

New Life with a Boring Adventure

HELL - O !
long time no see!
very busy with my job and leave everything, and i forget when i taken this picture.
sorry for my bad english, bcause i writting with kopiko drink beside me and sleepiness,
want to go home and kiss my bed!
anyway, look a different design blog by me, sure i create with in the middle of boredom, and taraaaaa! 
please enjoy the blog that will change. XOXO